Cameras Could Begin Giving Speeding Tickets in Colorado

By Shawn Patrick on November 21, 2023
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

For quite some time now you could get a tickets for running a red light in Colorado via a camera. Recently Colorado also adopted a plan to give tickets to drivers weaving in and out of HOV toll lanes using cameras as well. Could cameras that catch speeders be next? 

The New York Department of Transportation is beginning to automatically issue speeding tickets to those breaking the speed limit. A law was quietly passed in New York back in 2021 making automated speeding tickets legal on highways, and that law is now being put to use in various parts of the state as the camera tickets have begun. 

That could be happening in Colorado now too… The Colorado Governor signed a bill into law back in June of this year, that allows local government to use traffic cameras in more places. The current version of the bill states that as long as you weren’t going ridiculously fast, you’d likely get a warning letter first. After that, there’s a cap of speeding fines at $40, unless in a school zone. The bill also states that these automated tickets wouldn’t allow points to be taken away from your driver’s license

However, if this “experiment” works in New York, don’t be surprised if cameras giving more serious speeding tickets become a more common thing in Colorado and other states. 



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