Beyond The Badge – Sgt. Mike Pitrusu

By 98.5 KYGO on February 27, 2017

Officer Mike Pritusu

One evening, the Aurora Police Department received a special request through their Facebook page.  It wasn’t the usual request for extra patrols or more traffic enforcement.  It was a request to help a little girl.  

A Dartmouth elementary school student named Abygale-Rose was very upset because of a family matter and her mom reached out to the APD to see if an officer could swing by the school and brighten her daughter’s day.

Officer Crystal McCoy of the Media Relations unit immediately went into action.  Sergeant Mike Pitrusu volunteered to take time out of his busy schedule and spent the morning with Abygale-Rose enjoying donuts and showing off his patrol car to the kids.  The children were thrilled and the experience put a smile back on Abygale’s face.  It looks like Sgt. Pitrusu has a new friend for life.  Thanks, Sgt. Pitrusu, for your community commitment – and for going Beyond the Badge.


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