Beyond The Badge – Resource Officer Ed McCallin

By Bonneville Denver on January 24, 2017


On the morning of September 27th, a 16 year old Jefferson High School student was approached by a dark pickup truck as she walked to school.  She thought the vehicle was driven by her friend’s father so she got in.  The student was assaulted by the male driver prior to being dropped off at the school.  She promptly notified staff and Edgewater Police.  Resource Officer Ed McCallin took the report which included a detailed description of the suspect.  Through top notch investigative work, Officer McCallin was able to locate clear photos of the truck.  Just two days later, while monitoring traffic along West 20th Avenue he observed a vehicle and driver that matched the suspect.     Identity confirmed, suspect arrested.
This incident serves as a reminder to parents, teachers, neighbors about talking to your loved ones regarding personal safety.  We salute Officer McCallin for this exemplary and tenacious police work – and for going – Beyond the Badge.



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