Beyond The Badge – Officer Dustin Ross

By Bonneville Denver on August 7, 2017

This week, we’re proud to salute Officer Dustin Ross of the Parker Police Department.

Officer Ross started his law enforcement career with the Parker Police Explorers at the age of 15. He was an Explorer Captain and received many community service awards as well as competition awards while he was an explorer. In 2006, he was hired by the Parker Police Department as a Patrol Officer and spent 8 years as an Explorer Advisor.

In 10 years with the department, Officer Ross has received a Life Saving Award, Chief’s Accommodations and multiple letters and recognitions. He is a member of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team and in 2014 was named SWAT Operator of the Year. In his Critical Incident Team class he was awarded Top in Class and was also Top in Class Shooter at the 2016 Performance Institute.

Officer Ross participates in Special Olympics Tip-A-Cop events as well as National Night Out. The investigation, apprehension and conviction of a suspect that was financially preying on an elderly couple, was the most recent reminder to Officer Ross of why he got into law enforcement. Helping people who can’t help themselves is one of the reasons why he wears the badge.

Thank you, Officer Dustin Ross…for going Beyond the Badge.



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