Beyond the Badge – Detective Kyle Eversole

By Bonneville Denver on June 12, 2017

This week, we salute Detective Kyle Eversole of the Wheat Ridge Police Department.

Kyle is a 16-year veteran of the Wheat Ridge Police Department. As a Colorado native, he attended college at the University of Northern Colorado and Colorado State University before deciding he could help people who couldn’t help themselves by becoming a police officer. Starting out as a patrol officer, Eversole did a rotation in Crime Prevention where he recognized the need for community outreach. “Crime prevention wasn’t something I’d ever thought I’d do as a police officer, and even though I love what I do as a Detective, talking with people and keeping them safe on a daily basis has been the most fulfilling part of my career.” Eversole initiated many of the crime prevention programs at Wheat Ridge PD that have since evolved to include the Lockbox program, Neighborhood Watch, Colorado LifeTrak and Crime Free Hotel/Motel and Crime Free Multi Housing.

Since becoming a Detective in 2010, Eversole focuses his expertise on investigating financial and ID theft crimes. “Because we’re a small department, we often work larger cases that cross over to involve crimes against persons.” Two of his largest cases were a missing person who was found dead six months later and a child abuse case resulting in serious bodily injury to a developmentally disabled child. Both cases resulted in convictions with long prison sentences, and involved hours and even months to comb through records and review the results of processed evidence. “If there’s one thing I wish people understood about police work it’s that not all crimes can be investigated and pass through the court system in 60 minutes. Television tends to skew that perspective a bit. We are also working on multiple cases at any given time, not just one.”

Eversole helps fundraise for The Center’s Rainbow Alley, a Denver program that offers support for homeless GLBT youth in the metro area. Eversole and his dart league have raised more than $5,000 this year for The Center as well as having held past collections for hats, coats, clothing, and toys for the youth at Rainbow Alley. He also serves the Wheat Ridge PD as an instructor for driver training and covers the topic of ID theft for the Citizen’s Police Academy.

Thank you, Detective Eversole…for going Beyond the Badge.


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