Beyond the Badge – Deputy Jane Saunders

By Bonneville Denver on October 9, 2017

This week, we’re proud to salute Deputy Jane Saunders of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Deputy Saunders has been employed by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for 27 years.  She has been assigned to the Patrol Division for the last 22 years and has served her community in an outstanding manner.  She is a member of the Crisis Intervention Team, a Crime Scene Technician and volunteers as an Employee Representative for her team.  In June 2016, I asked Deputy Saunders to be a part of a project that dealt with citizen complaints of a growing homeless problem along the Clear Creek Trail.

Deputy Saunders stepped up and took on this project and made it a priority.  Before any meetings were held, she took it upon herself to document the conditions along the trail by taking over 100 pictures of the area.  She attended all of the meetings that were held with the other agencies that were involved.  During these meetings, Deputy Saunders came up with multiple ideas that would make this project a success for the Sheriff’s Office.  Many of her ideas were using alternative resources such as mental health workers, medical personnel and veteran’s assistance.

Not only does Deputy Saunders conduct her normal duties at an exceptional level, she also goes above and beyond her calling of duty as well.  Deputy Saunders took it upon herself to train a therapy dog named Sage six years ago.  Over the last six year, Deputy Saunders and Sage have touched the hearts of hundreds if not thousands of people at the Craig Hospital and the Littleton Rehabilitation Center.  Sage provides comfort and smiles to people of all ages with all types of injuries and illnesses.

In May 2016, Deputy Saunders received a thank you card that was sent to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.  The card was sent in regards to how appreciative three different people were for Deputy Saunders’ hard work and the use of Sage during a very difficult time.  Although I do not have all of the details of the call or reason as to why Sage was involved, Deputy Saunders would be more than willing to explain.

Deputy Saunders is an outstanding employee of the Sheriff’s Office who is passionate and dedicated to serving the citizens of Unincorporated Jefferson County on and off duty.

Thank you…Deputy Jane Saunders…for going BEYOND THE BADGE.

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