Aurora could pay YOU by reporting the biggest pothole

By Big Mic on April 27, 2023
(photo by Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty Images)

Many of us in Colorado are used to that terrible feeling of hitting a pot hole, and for our friends in Aurora, CO, you can actually get paid if you report the biggest pothole.

As we progress into Spring and can have huge fluxes from cold and warm weather, this can cause an increase in both potholes developing and getting larger and to help find out where these potholes are.¬† So far in 2023, Aurora’s Public Works crew has repaired over 2,200 potholes with dozens of new reports every day. To help battle these potholes, Aurora developed the Pothole of a the Month” contest¬† which you can enter by clicking here.

While you can report potholes year round, this is the last weekend for the contest, so get out there and find those potholes!

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