These are the Most Haunted Places in Denver

By Shawn Patrick on September 25, 2023
Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images for Sky

Spooky season is upon us and there are a few of you brave souls out there who seek out a real spooky experience in the form of the paranormal. Then there are others, like me, who try their best to avoid those sorts of situations. On either hand, here is a list of places around the Denver area that are rumored to have the most ghostly appearances.

The list according to Denver Terrors, also has what most believe is the reason the places are haunted;

10. DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT – Rumor has it the grounds were once a sacred burial ground for Native Americans.

9. MOLLY BROWN HOUSE MUSEUM – The ghost is reportedly Molly’s husband JJ Brown who was a heavy cigar smoker. People have reported smelling cigar smoke at random places throughout the home for years.

8. BROWN PALACE HOTEL – This was the sight of the murder of a gangster, Tony von Puhl, who was shot to death by a man named John Henwood.

7. THE DENVER CHILDREN’S HOME – In 1888, a fire broke out on the building’s third floor. Many children were killed as a result.

6. PATTERSON INN – It was owned by Thomas Croke when he initially built it for himself in 1890. After the place was completed, it’s said that he only stayed there once and never returned because he had uneasy feelings about the place once he was inside. Odd things have continued through the years, although it’s unclear what might have been here before the home was ever built.

5. CHEESMAN PARK -The park was built on an old burial ground. Nearly 2,000 people are buried there and the remains of the dead are still underground to this day.

4. CAPITOL HILL – Many places in the area are said to be haunted, but the most notable location is inside the Colorado State House itself. Although no reason for the hauntings seems to be known.

3. BUCKHORN EXCHANGE – The oldest restaurant in Denver is full of mounted animals, so maybe it’s their spirits that seem to lurk as no other causes of the hauntings are known.

2. THE OXFORD HOTEL – Legend has it that the woman that haunts these halls was said to have been murdered by her husband at this hotel.

1. BYERS-EVANS HOUSE MUSEUM – It contains many original personal items and furniture pieces that date back to the home’s early owners. Some believe that this is the reason why some of its former residents have returned to linger, since their long past deaths.

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