Are edible cookie dough shops the next big dessert trend in Denver?

By Shawn Patrick on March 7, 2024

I’ve been eating cookie dough in my ice cream for years, but my mama always told me not to chow down on actual cookie dough because it would make you sick. She wasn’t wrong, but companies have found a way to make it safe, and it’s come out of the ice cream and taken it’s own spot at the dessert table.

My sweet tooth got the best of me this week and I was looking at dessert options near the radio station when I saw there were numerous edible cookie dough shops in the vicinity.

Throughout the Denver metro area there are multiple locations for “Scooped Cookie Dough Bar” and a Parker location for “Dough Dreamery,” both featuring edible dough in a dish or cone, like ice cream, complete with toppings.

It sounds good and cool, but is it a fad that will fade in time, or is cookie dough a dessert that’s here to stay?

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