Arby’s Celebrates Their New Big Game Burger With A Colorado ‘Hike Thru’

By Shawn Patrick on September 12, 2023
Photo by Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

Here’s the most Colorado thing you’ll see all day, maybe all month… 

Arby’s is set to introduce a new sandwich with an unusual promotion in the Colorado mountains.

The fast food chain plans to start selling its Big Game Burger tomorrow. The burger patty is a blend of elk, venison and ground beef. The addition of wild game to the mix has led to an unusual “hike thru” promotion.

Arby’s will be setting up a pop-up restaurant on private property in the Colorado mountains and will allow 40 chosen hikers to trek about four miles for the chance to try the burger.

Arby’s has a website for the hike thru and there’s even gear on sale.

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