‘American Idol’ Auditions Are Coming to Colorado On Monday… Kind Of

By Shawn Patrick on August 16, 2023
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

I once had a friend who was a great singer, so we encouraged him to audition for American Idol. After an entire day in line, he got to sing a piece of a song and never heard another peep. Needless to say he was not real happy with me for wasting his time. But thankfully auditions are a little easier these days… 

Idol will hold virtual auditions for prospective contestants in Colorado on Monday, Aug. 21.

During this season’s first round of “American Idol,” hopefuls can sign up to virtually audition face-to-face in front of producers and receive real-time feedback.

Get signed up to audition on Monday here. 

“American Idol” is entering its seventh season on ABC., and usually premieres in February although no 2024 dates have been officially announced yet. 

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