Aldi stores could be coming to Colorado, finally

By Shawn Patrick on March 8, 2024

I always hear people talking about Aldi stores, but being a Colorado native, I have never seen one, let alone visited one, because we don’t have them. That could be changing soon though! 

Turns out Colorado is one of just a few states in America that doesn’t have Aldi stores. The German-based company has stores in nearly 20 countries and almost 40 U.S. states.

It was announced yesterday (Mar. 7) that Aldi will be bringing 800 more stores to America, and according to NBC News, they’ve also acquired the well-known Winn-Dixie chain of stores. The Winn-Dixie part doesn’t help us much because we don’t have those in Colorado either, but they say their plan is to “build or expand hundreds of Aldi locations in the company’s existing Northeast and Midwest strongholds, as well as in the western U.S. and Southern California. A first Las Vegas location is planned, too.” 

Colorado counts as “the western U.S., right?? 

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