AI Says These Are Colorado’s Most Overrated Attractions

By Shawn Patrick on July 26, 2023
Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty Images for SeriesFest

Reason number 524 why you can’t trust AI… Someone recently asked it to name Colorado’s most overrated attractions, and it couldn’t have been more wrong!

Out There Colorado asked ChatGPT the question, and here’s what they got…

5. Red Rocks

ChatGPT reason: High ticket prices, challenging parking, crowds.

4. Pikes Peak Cog Railway

ChatGPT reason: Since its 2017 closure and 2021 reopening, visitors have been disappointed with the experience and views.

3. The Four Corners Monument

ChatGPT reason: Underwhelming and lacking significant features beyond the novelty.

2. Garden of the Gods

ChatGPT reason: Overcrowded and doesn’t offer that many activities or attractions to warrant the hype.

1. The Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

ChatGPT reason: Many tourists consider this spot overrated due to outdated games and higher prices compared to modern entertainment options.

I’ve been to all of these places and they’re all great, except maybe the Four Corners which was a little boring.

Moral of the story… Never trust AI!!

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