A Tropical Storm is About to Hit Colorado with Some Interesting Weather

By Shawn Patrick on August 23, 2023
Photo by NASA via Getty Images

Tropical storms and Colorado are not two things normally mentioned together, but later this week Colorado is in for some wild weather thanks to a tropical storm. 

According to the National Weather Service, “upper-level energy associated with Tropical Storm Harold will propagate through the western mountains [of the United States] on Thursday, interacting with monsoonal moisture and generating thunderstorms capable of producing heavy rainfall.” This heavy rain is set to start over portions of Utah before pushing into the Intermountain West, Central Rockies, and Central High Plains, including northern Colorado.

In other words, Colorado, and more specifically Denver and northern Colorado are going to likely get a ton of rain and some thunderstorms starting Friday and throughout the weekend. 

Tropical Storm Harold made landfall in Texas on Tuesday and was downgraded to a ‘tropical depression.’ Despite this drop in strength, powerful winds and rain from the storm are expected to stretch far into the U.S. mainland. 

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