A Story That’ll Melt Your Cold Dead Heart

By Sheena on July 18, 2019
Sister Hazel (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CMT)

This is the true story of a band, a 612 mile bus trip and some kittens. Enjoy!

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This is the CRAZIEST thing ever!! One of our crew guys came in the venue at our Ocala show that afternoon and told Kurt (our tour/production manager) he heard a weird noise coming from somewhere in the bus – and it kinda sounded like cats. Kurt told him we’ve been having problems with the air compressor and that’s probably what it was. He went out, heard something, shut everything down on the bus – and clear as day – it was meowing…. so they tracked it down in the front battery compartment of the bus, opened it up and there we SIX kittens in there. It gets crazier- Kurt Called the bus owner to get some advice about the easiest to get to 3 of them (that we couldn’t reach) – and he said that the cat that lives in the tour bus company lot in NASHVILLE had kittens a couple of weeks ago.. Six. She lived with them in an old abandoned bus on the lot. It must have moved them into our bus… What that means is that they were under the bus that left Nashville on a Wednesday night on a 9 hour drive to Florida, sat all day , then another 6 hour drive to Ocala- and were discovered in the afternoon! Turns out that One of the employees of this venue runs an animal rescue – @melissa_bells_rescue so she took them to get fed and checked out!! They seemed 👌 ok. But I can’t IMAGINE how loud and windy it was when the bus was in the road and interstate highways. We want to encourage fans to reach out to Melissa Bell's Rescue if they are interested in adopting the new Hazel Head kittens!!!!! And don’t forget to get your pets spayed and neutered -KB #kittens #rescuedkittens #kittenadoption #ocala #tourbusstories #kittenrescue

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