A popular Colorado brewery has come out with a ‘frozen pizza’ flavored beer

By Shawn Patrick on March 14, 2024

Pizza and beer is a good combo in most people’s opinion, but I think all the people who believe that also believe that combing the two things into one may be a bad idea… 

 Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing Co. recently teamed up with the Tombstone frozen pizza company on a new IPA. 

The 7% ABV beer is a pizza-flavored version of New Belgium’s uber-popular Voodoo Ranger India pale ale. According to the brewery’s website, it boasts notes of “Tombstone’s crispy crust, tangy tomato sauce, and savory herbs and spices.” It finishes with a dash of pepperoni-inspired heat.

It’s set for release on April 7, which is National Beer Day. The only way to get it in Colorado is by visiting New Belgium’s brewery in Fort Collins (500 Linden St.), which is where the beer was brewed. A four-pack of 16-ounce cans will be $14.99.

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