A Pixar Themed Putt-Putt Course is Coming to Denver This Weekend

By Shawn Patrick on August 31, 2022
Lauren A. LittleJune 9, 2005Teens Golfing(L-R)Aase Pederson (Mifflin Sr, 17), Kristina Lilac (Mifflin Sr, 17), and Brendon Thomas (Mifflin Sr, 17) golf at Schell’s Mini Golf, 4625 5th St. Highway, Temple. (Photo By MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images)

I have three kids at home and some of the stuff they watch on TV these days is questionable. However, I am always down to watch anything Pixar! Toy Story, Monsters Inc., now we’re talking! So, needless to say I am pretty pumped about this new putt-putt course that’s coming to Denver later this week.

A Pixar-themed mini golf course is set open at McGregor Square downtown this weekend. The pop-up course will feature 18 interactive holes, all with a different Pixar theme.

The fun kicks off September 3 and goes through November 27, from 3 PM to 10 PM daily. Ticket must be purchased online. Grab yours here. 

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