A Pet Boa Constrictor Was Loose Slithering Through People’s Front Yards in Colorado

By Shawn Patrick on October 10, 2022
Photo by Marvin RECINOS / AFP) (Photo by MARVIN RECINOS/AFP via Getty Images

The fastest way for me to pee my pants or scream like a four-year-old girl? Seeing a snake. Especially if it’s a giant snake. So thank goodness it wasn’t me that stumbled upon this boa constrictor slithering around people’s yards in Colorado.

In case you didn’t know, boa constrictors are not native to Colorado, and cannot survive in the wild here, so this is NOT normal.

The giant, 16 pound, 5 foot long snake was seen slithering through a front yard in Fort Collins last Saturday. That’s when the Northern Colorado Herpetological Society (NCHS) was called to the scene to pickup the snake.

Turns out it was a pet that got loose, and was soon returned to it’s owner.

Still, I have so many questions. Like how do you accidentally let you GIANT SNAKE escape your house?! Thank goodness not tiny dogs or cats (or me) were injured in the escape.

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