A Grapefruit Sized Hailstone Fell in Colorado Last Night – May Be the Biggest Ever in the State

By Shawn Patrick on August 9, 2023
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Eastern Plains of Colorado are used to wild weather, but what happened last night (August 8th) was unheard of, even by their standards! 

A 5 plus-inch hailstone fell in rural Yuma County on Tuesday night, based on reports from a storm chaser in the area. If that hailstone is verified, which is likely because a detailed measurement and photo were taken, it will set a record for the largest hailstone ever recorded in the state.

Storm chaser Dan Fitts documented the hailstone along U.S. 36 near Kirk on Tuesday afternoon.

The huge hail fell from the same storm that produced a strong tornado that led to the destruction of at least one home near Yuma.

The current record for the largest hailstone on record in Colorado is a 4.83-inch hailstone that fell near Bethune in August 2019.

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