A food truck currently holds the title as the ‘#1 Mexican restaurant in Denver’

By Shawn Patrick on March 13, 2024

Denver is a hodgepodge of many different cultures, but the Mexican culture may be the most prevalent and that’s good news if you love Mexican food, because there is a ton of it in the Mile High City… The best, though, may be coming from an unlikely source. 

Stacker compiled a list of the highest-rated Mexican restaurants in Denver using data from Yelp . Only restaurants with at least five reviews were considered. Data is current as of January 2024.

The top 30 restaurants made their list, which you can see here, but let’s talk about the number one spot. 

Hell’s Tacos food truck has a perfect 5.0 rating on Yelp! The food truck that is more of a food trailer, not wrapped in any sort of fancy logos, being pulled by an unassuming Ford pickup, doesn’t even have a website. However, one reviewer says, “This food truck is an absolute hidden gem! I was recommended to go here and I decided when I was around this part of town and I can’t say how absolutely delicious this food truck is! I got there quesa birria tacos with a cup of consomé, talk about the best tacos you’ll ever have!! The consomé has a ton of flavor and just the right amount of spice. If you are ever craving authentic, real delicious tacos! Hit this food truck up!! I’ll support this small business 100% and always make sure I stop by when I am in the area! Definitely check this place out!”

As far as I can tell the truck stays in one spot, 990 Federal Blvd in Denver, but follow them on social media here to keep up. 

And remember to never judge a book by its cover… Or a taco truck by its trailer! 

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