A Crazy Amount of People Are Naming Their Babies After Characters on ‘Yellowstone’

By Shawn Patrick on February 1, 2023
Photo by Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Here’s how popular the show “Yellowstone” is:  Americans can’t stop naming their KIDS after their favorite characters from it.

A new study looked at character names from the 100 most popular shows over the past three years.  Then they cross-referenced them with official stats from the Social Security Administration to see which shows inspired the most baby names.

The top three names that saw the most gains in 2022 were all from “Yellowstone” . . . Dutton, Rip, and Kayce.

“Dutton” is the last name of Kevin Costner’s family on the show, and was 33 times more popular than it was in 2021.

Three other names from the show also ranked high . . . Laramie, Walker, and Tate.

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