A Colorado woman just found out she is running for President, and she’s not happy

By Shawn Patrick on January 31, 2024

People complain about having to choose between the two major Presidential candidates again. But they’re not the only candidates. Here’s another option… 

A 39-year-old woman in Colorado named Krystal Gabel just found out SHE’S running for president, and she’s NOT happy about it. 

She didn’t plan to run and doesn’t want to. But she’ll be on the ballot in Minnesota’s primary, running as the “Legal Marijuana Now Party” candidate.

So how did this happen? Well, she IS a marijuana activist, and she’s run for political office before. But it happened because she used to be in the party’s Facebook group, and they nominated her without her permission. They thought she’d be cool with it.

She only found out because she has a Google Alert set up for her own name. Minnesota’s primary is March 5th, and it’s too late to have her name removed now. So she’s actively telling people NOT to vote for her.

She says we all have a “common-law right NOT to be forced to be candidates,” and called the whole thing “anti-democratic.” 

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