A Colorado Family is Missing Their 900-Pound Pet Water Buffalo

By Shawn Patrick on August 22, 2023
Photo by Syed Zargahm/Getty Images

File this one in the “you don’t hear that everyday” category… But in all seriousness, a Colorado family is heartbroken so I am hoping maybe this helps them out a bit. 

The tiny farm town of Agate, Colorado about 70 miles from Denver on I-70 is where the Perry’s have a farm/ranch, and it’s missing an important piece… Moochi, their 14-month-old pet water buffalo has been missing since August 8.

There’s a possibility that she simply got out and wandered off, though there’s also suspicion she was stolen due to some tire tracks that were spotted near one of the gates.

Moochi is similar to a cow, a little bit longer nose, with 12-inch horns that curl backward, almost like a little hippopotamus bootie, and she’s buff color.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office or to contact owner Laura Perry, who has been posting publicly about the situation on her Facebook page. The number 720-854-4990 was also provided on a missing animal poster.


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