A Colorado City Was Just Named the Best in America For Easter Weather

By Shawn Patrick on April 5, 2023
Photo by George Rose/Getty Images

We’re used to making lists for the “most beautiful this” or the “best at that” here in Colorado, but anything to do with weather, unless you’re a skier, in April I wouldn’t expect to see high on any lists… And I am wrong again!

A new report from WalletHub reveals the best places to celebrate Easter in the U.S. They ranked the 100 biggest cities in 12 areas related to an ideal Easter celebration in four main categories: Easter Observers, Easter Traditions, Kids’ Easter and Easter Weather.

Somehow Colorado Springs is number one for Easter weather. Overall the Springs is Colorado’s highest ranking city on the list at #33. Denver was #50 and Aurora came in at #91.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, tops the list as the best place for Easter, followed by Buffalo, New York. See the full list here. 


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