A Colorado Bar Boasts the State’s Only Olympic-Caliber Ski & Snowboard Simulator

By Shawn Patrick on August 7, 2023
Lemon Lodge Ski Bar

I imagine the summer months are tough for those in Colorado who love to ski and snowboard. But thanks to some high tech equipment, you can now ski and board in Colorado, and even sip on some wine or other libations while doing it! 

Lemon Lodge is a new downtown Colorado Springs bar that’s home to Colorado’s first and only Olympic-caliber ski and snowboard simulator.

The German-made SkyTechSport simulator used at Lemon Lodge is the same model that the USA ski team uses at its training center in Park City, Utah.

The simulator provides realistic mountain conditions, with adjustable snow settings and a variety of courses. The machine responds to weight and movement, and it can be adjusted to reflect fresh snow, icy snow and slushy snow.

The bar aims to provide the full lodge experience with a fireplace, comfortable seating, rocking chairs and even some board games.

The family-friendly lodge offers 20-minute sessions starting at $50 by appointment. A 20-minute session is equivalent to about a half-day on the slopes.

Get more info and make an appointment here. 

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