A BEAR-y Real Break-In

By Sheena on July 2, 2019

Bears. They’re furry, cute as cubs and always hungry.

Unfortunately, some folks in Aspen Park found that out the hard way.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife released a video of a black bear that had broken into a vehicle and got stuck. And by “broken in” I mean, it opened the unlocked doors and climbed in.

The bear ended up destroying the vehicle. The damage was so severe, wildlife officers were unable to open three of the vehicle’s doors.

Finally officers were able to open the one working door and the bear jumped out and ran off.

Luckily, this was a fairly harmless encounter (for the people at least). Unfortunately, these types of encounters have become weekly news.

However, there are ways that WE can help deter these types of incidents.

Colorado Wildlife officials say bears have an incredible sense of smell. They can pick up the scent of fruity smelling hand sanitizer or even gum from five miles away. It’s imperative that folks lock their doors, remove anything with a scent from the car and never leave food outdoors without stowing it in a locked cooler or container.

This is excellent info for not only campers but homeowners too.

It was always funny when Yogi would steal a picnic basket. But in real life, the bear could end up DESTROYING a vehicle because of a loose Goober or hand sanitizer.

-Sheena | Weekdays 10A-2P

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