8 Black Friday Fun Facts

By Jim Lawson on November 24, 2023
(Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

We were wondering about the history of Black Friday and here is what we found.

1. Black Friday Started in Philadelphia
While the overwhelming number of individuals in the United States of America shop for various items on Black Friday, hardly anyone knows that it started in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the 1950s. Initially, police officers used the term to describe the chaotic and congested states the day after Thanksgiving. Later on, it was associated with shopping discounts in the 1960s, and since then, it has spread across the United States of America and in different countries.

2. Black Friday is Associated With Thanksgiving
Remember that Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States of America, enabling most people to start their holiday shopping and get their favorite items at record-low prices. This tradition became popular because Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the country, and many people have the day off, allowing them to reach the stores and favorite shopping malls early in the morning and buy their favorite items.

3. Friday is A Lifeline For Retailers
Just like shoppers, all small, medium, and large-scale retailers wait for Black Friday sales so that they can offer huge discounts and special deals to their old and new customers, sell large numbers of products in quick succession, clear the product backlog in their stores, and generate more profit margins as far as possible.

4. Black Friday Resulted In The Birth of Cyber Monday
In anticipation of getting huge discounts on all popular items, a record number of individuals move out of their houses on Black Friday and rush to shopping malls. It results in traffic jams, crowded shopping malls, too much commotion, and unfortunate happenings. Cyber Monday came into existence to let people avoid all these issues and enjoy the holiday shopping experience. Individuals can place their orders online from any location on November 27 and get the product shipment delivered to their doorsteps. 

5. Don’t Be Surprised By Store Openings At Midnight
As everyone wants to shop maximum on Black Friday, many stores and retailers have started opening their doors at midnight to allow the most significant number of individuals to look for Black Friday deals and purchase the desired items at record low prices. Don’t be surprised when you see open stores and shopping malls on Black Friday 2023 while moving across a famous city.

6. Black Friday Shopping Has Become A Family Tradition
Black Friday has become the most anticipated and loved shopping season for many families in the United States of America. On this day, they wake up early in the morning, create a plan for holiday shopping, and move out of their houses together to grab the best Black Friday shopping deals as far as possible and say big on each transaction. It also allows them to share quality time and enjoy the excitement of discounted shopping together.

7. Black Friday Is Now In Countries
Although Black Friday mainly occurs in the United States of America, it has spread to many countries worldwide, allowing locals to take advantage of discounted prices and special deals. Those countries include Mexico, Brazil, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, India, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, Poland, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, etc. In Mexico, it is referred to as “El Buen Fin,” which translates to “the good weekend.”

8. Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for plumbers.

As bizarre as this may sound, it was reported by CNN, who explained that the plumbers are needed to clean up after guests “overwhelm the system.”

And if you’ve ever regretted a purchase you’ve made here are the…

Most Regretful Black Friday Purchases … According to a survey by Self Financial 

electronics 25%

clothing 24%

home and kitchen appliances 15%

beauty products 13%

food 9%

sports gear 9% 

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