$3 Beers Are Really a Thing At Coors Field in Denver – Here’s When and Where to Get Them

By Shawn Patrick on April 18, 2023
Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Recently, an online betting website ranked the Colorado Rockies and Coors Field as having the cheapest beer in all of baseball at $3 on average. After a lot of fans saw the article and quickly disputed the claim, we did a little looking. I can’t speak to the average price, but I can confirm that $3 beer at the stadium does indeed exist.

However, you can’t show up casually after the start of the third inning and expect to find the cheap beer. You have to be to the game early. Every game before the scheduled first pitch of the ballgame, the Rooftop deck and Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar in right field have 12-ounce drafts of Coors and Coors Light for $3 each. Once game time rolls around, though, those prices go up (just like the visiting team’s runs the last few years).

All that being said, I still think it’s fair to dispute the whole report on the average beer price being $3.

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