$1000 to taste-test Buc-ee’s snacks? Yes please!

By Big Mic on August 17, 2023
Photo by Big Mic

As Colorado impatiently awaits the first Buc-ee’s to open here, how would you like to get paid $1000 to taste test 25 of their top food options (plus $250 to cover the cost of snacks and merch?)

Well FinanceBuzz has the job of a lifetime as they are looking for someone to try 25 of Buc-ee’s popular food items such as Beaver Nuggets, brisket sandwiches and hippo tacos!  

One caveat is you have to be near a Buc-ee’s location, or be willing to travel to one (the closest one seems to be in Texas right now) but for $1000 it might be worth taking a road trip!  

To sign up to be eligible:  Click Here

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